MEM31319 - Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 


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This qualification defines the skills and knowledge required of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) tradesperson within metal, engineering, manufacturing and associated industries


Packaging Rules

To be awarded the MEM31319 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning units of competency to a value of 96 points must be achieved, chosen as outlined below:

  • all core units of competency listed below (totalling 33 points)

  • elective units of competency to a minimum value of 40 points from Group A

  • elective units of competency to a maximum value of 23 points from Group B to bring the total value to 96 points


Core units


MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing

MEM11011 Undertake manual handling

MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements

MEM12024 Perform computations

MEM13015 Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering

MEM14006 Plan work activities

MEM16006 Organise and communicate information

MEM16008 Interact with computing technology

MEM17003 Assist in the provision of on-the-job training

MEM18001 Use hand tools

MEM18002 Use power tools/hand held operations

MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


Elective units - Group A


MEM05003 Perform soft soldering

MEM05006 Perform brazing and/or silver soldering

MEM10002 Terminate and connect electrical wiring

MEM10009 Install refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment

MEM10010 Install pipework and pipework assemblies

MEM10013 Install split air conditioning systems and associated pipework

MEM12002 Perform electrical/electronic measurement

MEM13003 Work safely with industrial chemicals and materials

MEM18046 Fault find and repair electrical equipment/components up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c

MEM18048 Fault find and repair/rectify basic electrical circuits

MEM18049 Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c.

MEM18055 Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components

MEM18083 Handle fluorocarbon refrigerants according to regulations

MEM18084 Commission and decommission split air conditioning systems

MEM18085 Install, service and repair domestic air conditioning and refrigeration appliances

MEM18086 Test, recover, evacuate and charge refrigeration systems

MEM18087 Service and repair domestic and light commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

MEM18088 Maintain and repair commercial air conditioning systems and components

MEM18094 Service and repair commercial refrigeration

MEM18096 Maintain, repair/replace and adjust refrigerant flow controls and associated equipment

Elective units - Group B

MEM05001 Perform manual soldering/desoldering - electrical/electronic components

MEM05005 Carry out mechanical cutting

MEM05012 Perform routine manual metal arc welding

MEM05050 Perform routine gas metal arc welding

MEM07001 Perform operational maintenance of machines/equipment

MEM07024 Operate and monitor machine and process

MEM07032 Use workshop machines for basic operations

MEM09003 Prepare basic engineering drawing

MEM09011 Apply basic engineering design concepts

MEM10003 Install and test electrical wiring and circuits up to 1000 volts a.c. and 1500 volts d.c.

MEM10004 Enter and change programmable controller operational parameters

MEM10005 Commission programmable controller programs

MEM10011 Terminate and connect specialist cables

MEM11001 Erect/dismantle scaffolding and equipment

MEM11005 Pick and process order

MEM11009 Handle/move bulk fluids/gases

MEM11010 Operate mobile load shifting equipment

MEM11016 Order materials

MEM11022 Operate fixed/moveable load shifting equipment

MEM12004 Perform precision electrical/electronic measurement

MEM13001 Perform emergency first aid

MEM13002 Undertake work health and safety activities in the workplace

MEM13007 Maintain water treatment systems for cooling towers

MEM15001 Perform basic statistical quality control

MEM15004 Perform inspection

MEM16004 Perform internal/external customer service

MEM16005 Operate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities

MEM16013 Operate in a self-directed team

MEM18003 Use tools for precision work

MEM18006 Perform precision fitting of engineering components

MEM18009 Perform precision levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components

MEM18011 Shut down and isolate machines/equipment

MEM18045 Fault find and repair electrical equipment/components up to 250 volts single phase supply

MEM18050 Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment over 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c.

MEM18051 Fault find and repair/rectify complex electrical circuits

MEM18089 Maintain and repair central air handling systems

MEM18090 Maintain and repair industrial refrigeration systems and components

MEM18091 Maintain and repair multistage, cascade and/or ultra-cold industrial refrigeration systems

MEM18092 Maintain and repair commercial and/or industrial refrigeration and/or air conditioning controls

MEM18093 Maintain and repair integrated industrial refrigeration and/or large air handling system controls

MEM18095 Maintain and repair cooling towers/evaporative condensers and associated equipment

Licensing/Regulatory Information

This qualification is compliant with Australian Refrigeration Councils requirements to obtain RAC01 - Refrigerant Handling License as per