Terms and Conditions: 

1. All candidates are obliged by law to submit truthful material (including photos and videos), interviews, phone conversations, references, etc. If any of these submitted evidence materials are found to be falsified then Qualified Today will not proceed with the RPL process and the candidate forfeits all monies paid.

2. Once a candidate has been approved to commence RPL Qualified Today will request a 50% Deposit of the total qualification price to commence services and enrol the student.

3. If Qualified Today takes deposit yet cannot issue the candidate with the agreed qualification due to Qualified Today not being able to meet the terms of the agreement, then the candidate will receive a full refund. Both the candidate and Qualified Today will keep to industry standard of 3 month agreement to submit all evidence and issue of the qualification, respectively.

4. Once the candidate is approved through the pre-assessment process and pays 50% deposit, if the candidate then chooses to not proceed they will forfeit all monies paid .

5. Candidates have a total of 3 months to submit all requested evidence. After this time an extra 10% will be added onto the total qualification price for time and services provided by Qualified Today.

6. All staff at Qualified Today are experienced in the training and assessment industry, candidates will receive clear instructions throughout the RPL process, should candidates require further information they may call or email between business hours.

7. Once all evidence and assessments have been completed, Qualified Today aims to issue qualifications within one to two weeks. This is however subject to change depending on high demand times.

8. Qualified Today will not issue a qualification without receiving final payment from a candidate.  

9. All qualifications are Nationally Recognised and are issued by our Partner RTOs.